Third stage


Begin to start the generation of leadership alternation, build a research and development platform with technical barriers.

In 2018, Qingfeng innovation incubator launched to operation. In 2019, Sales reaches 5 billion. Organization adjusted for focusing on innovation. In 2020, Preparing for IPO.

Second stage
Moving from Quannan to Zhanggong Shahe Industrial Park to establish R&D and marketing system to realize the transformation from a  small border factory to a local pharmaceutical factory, and then to a national pharmaceutical factory.

In 2001, Moved to industrial Park, the asset was reorganized and expand

In 2005, Establishing R&D center and marketing and commercializing system

In 2008, Establishing Qingfeng Pharma Group with Investment outreach

In 2010, Establishing multi R&D platform, and acquire Shanghai Denovo. Sales exceeds 1 billion.

In 2016, Sales reaches 4 billion.Shanghai R&D headquarter established.

First stage
In the early stage of entrepreneurship, A pharmaceutical factory was established under the condition of lack of medicine in Quannan Bayi Reclamation Farm, and began drug research and development, production and sales.
In 1976, Jiangxi Qingfeng Pharmaceutical Factory founded in Jiangxi.
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