Cultural Philosophy
Public Responsibility
Social Benefit
Cultural Philosophy
Providing sustainable and high-quality service for human health
Innovating, Efficiency, Striving, Sharing
Become a leading provider of medical health products and service
Public Responsibility
Qingfeng Pharmaceutical Group emphasizes the social value of our corporate, assumes responsibilities to employees, consumers, communities and the environment, insists on paying attention to the value of people in the R&D and production process, and highlights the contribution to the environment, consumers, and society.
We strictly abide by the relevant GMP regulations, adhere to the bottom line thinking, insist on quality first, support core technology as foundation, pay attention to system construction and process control, and systematically build up a closed-loop quality management system covering the full life cycle management of products, and continue to provide patients with safe and effective health products.
We strengthen the construction of the EHS system, adopt systematic, professional, sophisticated, and reliable devices and equipment in environmental protection, energy saving, comprehensive utilization of resources, occupational health, etc., to identify and control potential risks, monitor and protect in real time, and actively adopt effective measures to ensure the harmonious development of the enterprise and the environment.
Social Benefit
In the past 40 years, Qingfeng Pharmaceutical Group has consciously assumed social responsibility while seeking its own development, taking it as part of the company’s strategy, actively planning, actively participating in public welfare undertakings, establishing a good corporate image, demonstrating an outstanding corporate demeanor, and winning "Jiangxi Province Major Contributions to Fight Against the Epidemic", "Ganzhou Red Cross Humanity Gold Medal" and other honors.
In 2020, Qingfeng urgently donated 10 million CNY worth of therapeutic drugs to the COVID-19 epidemic area.
In 2018, donated 2 million CNY worth of medicines to the Provincial Red Cross.
In 2017, participated in the charity activities of "Love and tribute to promote poverty alleviation in Zhanggong".
In 2017, participated in the "Healthy Poverty Alleviation into the Soviet Area" public welfare activities.
In 2015, donated 2 million CNY for the disaster relief of the explosion accident in Tianjin Binhai New Area on August 12.
Committed to local education and public welfare undertakings, and carry out golden autumn student aid activities every year.
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